School For Troubled Teens

Resolution Ranch is a school for troubled teens providing a therapeutic retreat for teens exhibiting academic, emotional, or behavioral problems, and possible drug and alcohol abuse. Our boarding school utilizes a family-oriented approach that takes into account the unique needs, social pressures, and developmental issues teens must deal with on a daily basis. We give troubled teens the one-on-one personalized attention they need to overcome impeding obstacles and make real progress towards becoming happy, productive and fulfilled individuals.

Our school for troubled teens focuses on developing positive and constructive ways to manage anger and deal with the complex social and developmental issues that lay the foundation for out-of-control teen behavior. By participating in therapy, personal academic tutoring and outdoor activities that require communication and cooperation with others, your troubled teen will learn the responsibility and rational decision-making skills that will enable them to lead productive lives as teens and young adults.

We provide solutions to families dealing with troubled teens. For more information on our Therapeutic Boarding School or to enroll your child in our treatment program, please contact the knowledgeable staff at Resolution Ranch.