Private School for Troubled Teens

Bad grades are a source of anguish and embarrassment for teens, which leads to low self-esteem and increases a teen's likelihood to engage in self-destructive behavior, including drug and alcohol abuse. If these problems are not confronted and adequately addressed, the resulting behavioral issues only worsen.

At Resolution Ranch, academics are an important part of our total recovery program. At our accredited private school for troubled teen boys, your child will receive individual instruction in a variety of academic disciplines, with particular emphasis given to areas that have been identified as weaknesses. Our trained instructors work closely with your child's school to obtain academic materials that will enable your child to catch up with his classmates and even get ahead. Resolution Ranch residents can also earn high school credits through our accredited academic program. By implementing a personalized educational plan for each troubled teen attending the private school at Resolution Ranch, teens make significant strides in areas of academic weakness and start to invest in their own future for the first time in their lives.

Our accredited school for trouble teen boys has a distinct advantage over traditional junior high and high schools - our students do not go home at the end of the day. The Resolution Ranch educational program extends beyond the classroom and learning becomes a regular, everyday part of your child's life.

By experiencing achievement in the classroom, academics become a source of confidence and teens develop the personal fortitude to overcome life challenges. For more information on our academic program or to enroll your child in our private school for trouble teen boys, please call 254-718-3364.