Our philosophy is based on a commitment to personal growth through the teaching of values, responsibility, and respect. We employ this philosophy in every aspect of our program, which combines Equine Therapy, Clinical Therapy, and Academics in a boarding school setting. As boys progress through the program, they make their way through the five levels of growth that make up the R.A.N.C.H. system: Recovery and Academics through Nature, Counseling and Healing.


LEVEL 1: ranch hands

This introduction period focuses on respect, communication and expectations; students learn about the program while therapists learn about the students.


LEVEL 2: cattle men

Students and therapists identify the issues they’d like to work on and establish goals during this time focused on discovery and new beginnings.



LEVEL 3: ropers

Students in level three—which is considered a turning point for deeper therapy, change, and humility— have demonstrated an ability to make wise decisions and are expected to utilize skills like leadership and anger management.


LEVEL 4: Wranglers

During this time, students focus on relationships and making amends, while a proven willingness to grow and help others often leads to an increase in independence and confidence.


LEVEL 5: Cowboys

The last level of our program is a period of reflection and affirmation; students reexamine their journey and develop a plan to continue their commitment to a better future.


For a full description of each level, download our parent packet.


Level work is the foundation of our program. It consists of written assignments each student works on three times per week, designed to foster self-reflection and accountability. To move up a level, a student must first take initiative, decide he’s ready, and obtain approval signatures from staff. Your son will then receive feedback from his community of peers and be voted up. Residents must progress through all levels in order to graduate our program.


While not all students come to Resolution Ranch for drug addiction, we incorporate a refined 12-Step Program into most treatments because of the program’s success in improving self-awareness, building a solid foundation for betterment, and furthering students’ sense of purpose.

Students are required to attend a specific number of AA/NA meetings per week; those who have no reported drug addiction or substance abuse problems attend Productive Choices meetings, where the 12 Steps are tailored to address their specific challenges.

In congruence with NA, we reference God as a label for each person’s personal spiritual Higher Power. Though we employ Christian principles, Resolution Ranch is tolerant of all religious and spiritual beliefs and will make every attempt to accommodate appropriate needs.