Resolution Ranch is committed to helping families in very difficult times. The application process can appear to be an overwhelming task; however, we need as much information as possible to make a determination if this program is the right fit. In addition, this information that you provided will be utilized by the therapist in the treatment of your son. All information is kept confidential.

General Directions For Filling Application 

  • Please fill out the form linked to below. The other documents are needed upon placement. 
  • Please answer all the questions thoroughly. If you are not sure, give us a call so that we can provide clarification. 
  • If you have a psychological assessment, please provide that along with your assessment. 
  • The review of the application takes approximately 24-48 hours. During that time, the Clinical/Program /Director will meet with the therapeutic team to make a decision if the needs of your son needs can be met. 
  • Once the application has been approved, you will be given a call, letting you know our decision. If we are unable to meet your son’s needs, we will be happy to offer you some guidance. 
  • After application has been approved, an entrance date will be established. 

7. While you are waiting for your son to enter the program, we will need the additional forms, signed by the parent(s), along with some additional paperwork. We will need: (a) Academic transcripts (b) physical and dental exam records if done within six months of placement (c) Front and back copy of medical insurance card. Please provide the primary insured date of birth and social security number. We will need this information will dealing with medical, dental and pharmacy offices. (d) Copy of Immunizations (e) any additional information that may impact treatment of your son. 

8. If your son is coming from a psychiatric hospital we will need a written statement from a psychiatrist that your son is stable and is not a risk to himself 

9. If your son has diabetes or a significant medical condition, we will need a written medical note that your son is medically stable to receive services. 

10. Parents that are divorced, we require a copy of the divorce degree. The parent signing must have legal right to place his or son in residential facility. We highly encourage that both parents be aware of placement.