To amend means to change for the better, to alter formally, or to improve. The “A” of the level four R.A.N.C.H. acronym stands for “Amends”. When reaching the near end of the Resolution Ranch Program, residents are expected to recognize broken relationships and amend them by apologizing for the damage. 

If we can drop resistance, aggression, resentment, and all other vigorous emotions that ruin relationships, we will be able to more fully enjoy the present.
— Turner R., Resident

Amends, to me, means forgetting about the past, putting aside differences, and moving on into a brighter future,” said resident Turner R. If we can drop resistance, aggression, resentment, and all other vigorous emotions that ruin relationships, we will be able to more fully enjoy the present. Living in the here and now allows us to experience life for what it is, and to live more compassionately towards others. 

Resident Harrison Z., said, “If everyone dropped all of their resentments right now, Earth would become paradise. But all that we really have to worry about is our own resentments. It feels so much better to relate and sympathize with someone than it does to resent them.” Resentments are what drive apart relationships, and by dropping those resentments we are amending the relationship.

It takes a great deal of courage, humility, and responsibility to apologize to someone. Making amends to somebody may seem like an ego-defeating experience, however, owning up to a mistake will turn out to provide a much more liberating feeling. The only way to experience genuine peace, control, and power in our lives is to take responsibility for everything that we do.

Direct Care Staff member Minor Sylvester said, “Making amends is natural to all mankind. Whether it comes from a past mistake, anger, or bad decisions; we should honor the amendment that was made and continue on with life.” 

Accepting amends and dropping resentments is also beneficial. Holding on to resentments only drags us down, it doesn’t effect the one we resent. If we can drop our anger, hatred, and resistance, and we can makes amends with others instead, we can experience a more compassionate, serene life.