A favorite moment for us here at Resolution Ranch is the graduation ceremony, when we get to see your son hang up his horseshoe and continue on his journey. This celebration is not a goodbye—our support continues in various ways after the program ends:



When your son reaches the last levels of the program, we begin planning for life after graduation. This involves writing a contract that helps you and your son lay out expectations, boundaries and consequences for when he returns home. It’s a show of commitment to a new beginning.


During the month after graduation, your son’s therapist checks in with weekly 15-minute phone calls. In the second month, the phone calls occur every other week. These sessions are meant to help your son as he adjusts to his new life at home.


Often times, students find they’d like to continue regular therapy as they continue on their journeys. At Resolution Ranch, we are happy to make recommendations to help you find the right therapist for your son. Our goal is always to empower him to make good choices and create a brighter future.