A Place for Discovery

Founded in 2004 by former NFL player Scott McGarrahan, Resolution Ranch is a therapeutic boarding school that helps troubled teenaged boys get back on track toward a brighter future. For an average of six to nine months, students ages 13 to 17 live on our campus in Cameron, Texas. Ours is a positive, nurturing environment focused on guiding personal growth through responsibility, gratitude and open communication.


Our school, situated on 500 acres of open ranch land, is a place where boys can unplug from the noise of the modern world. Nature has a way of bringing us down to earth and rekindling meaningful introspection. Outdoor activities like fishing on the lake, hiking the trails,  and horseback riding, help students reconnect with the world and the people in it.


An enrollment of approximately 32 students with a full-time staff of 25 gives Resolution Ranch a family-style atmosphere. Your son benefits from seven of our staff members on his team—our licensed therapists, equine therapists, direct care workers, teachers, child care administrators and counselors work together to provide 24/7 supervision and support. This consistent interaction encourages camaraderie and openness among students and staff, helping them achieve honest communication and meaningful progress.


Resolution Ranch is not a teen boot camp. We don’t use military tactics to coerce teens into obeying the rules. We are, first and foremost, advocates for your son and his future. Our R.A.N.C.H Program (Recovery and Academics through Nature, Counseling, and Healing) revolves around self-growth and progress earned through responsibility, work, self-awareness and dialogue. Our goal is not to change your son, but to guide him through a re-evaluation of his path and a rediscovery of his true self.